Landslide victims left to fend for themselves

SANKHUWASA BHA: Landslide victims from various parts of the district celebrated Dashain in open grounds this year. Same seems to be repeating for Tihar too, for the authorities are sluggish in providing them permanent settlements.

Landslide victims of Bala and Tamku VDCs did not

have enough food and proper shelters even during Dashain. District secretary of CPN (UML), Kawansen Rai informed that the victims were living miserable life and they could not celebrate Dashain.

225 people from 40 households of Tamku have been sheltering in Majkharka area since July 27. In another landslide on August 18, 400 people from 65 households of Bala were displaced.They have been sheltering in tents since then.

Buddhi Kumar Rai said that Dashain for him this year was a festival of scarcity and mental stress. The victims solely rely on the relief provided by the government and different organisations as they lost everything in the landslide.

Furthermore, the Children and senior citizens are the worst hit as they have been falling sick.

Meanwhile, District member of UCPN-Maoist, Adal Kumar Rai shared the same lines and said Dashain for the victims was tearful. He also informed that the victims did not even have enough to eat.

Likewise, NC leader, Usha Karki said that lives have been worsening due to apathy of the local administration. However, CDO Tulasi Prasad Gautam maintained,’’ We are searching for space to settle them permanently after Dashain.’’