CHITWAN: Vehicular movement along the Narayangadh-Muglin road section in Chitwan district has been obstructed due to landslides at seven places on Sunday.

The District Police Office, Chitwan, said that the five km road section from Jalbire to Kalikhola has been obstructed due to landslides since this morning.

According to the Narayangadh-Muglin Road Expansion Project engineer Shiva Khanal, the landslides had occurred at around 4:30 am.

Khanal informed that a huge landslide has obstructed the Jalbire section, which lies at a distance of 32 km Narayangadh.

Efforts are underway to clear the debris from the road, he added.

For the past four months, traffic movement along the road section had been halted for expansion of the road.

The Narayangadh-Muglin road section is a major gateway to Kathmandu and Pokhara.