Landslips prompt local migration

DAMAULI: Locals at Chipchhipe and Chhimkeshwori VDCs are searching for safe places after frequent landslips threatened their settlements in Tanahun.

Landslides started to affect settlements after the monsoon commenced and the rains caused the cracks developed by the devastating earthquake of April 25 and the aftershocks that followed to split.

The people of Khamari, Khatrok, Simalsaura and Maldikhola of Chipchhipe VDC and Durang, Sano Bharayang and Bagaigaun, among other villages of Chhimkeshwori VDC have started moving away from areas that are threatened by landslides.

Bhoj Narayan Shrestha, secretary of Chipchhipe VDC said that preparations were being made to shift the settlements which were at higher risk. He also added that some of them had already settled in safer places.

Similarly, Secretary Ram Prasad Sapkota of Chhimkeshwori VDC said that as many as 23 households of different settlements were at risk.

“The villagers have shifted to safer places after landslides started to threaten their settlements,” he informed. He further said that the VDC provided some food items and tents, among other things to the displaced. The locals said they were afraid of continuous landslips around their settlements.

Meanwhile, Assistant CDO Kishwor Kumar Chaudhary said his office had directed the concerned VDCs to shift the settlements to safer areas.