Lawmakers demand clear definition of ‘descendant’

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers have underscored the need of defining ‘descendant’ in Nepal Citizenship Act 2006 AD.

Putting forth their views in the meeting of the State Affairs Committee under the House of Representatives held to discuss the bill to amend the Citizenship Act, the lawmakers were univocal on mentioning clearly whether the word ‘descendant’ meant only father or both father and mother.

“Citizenship by descendant is mentioned in the Act, but who does it refer to is not made clear. So, it is imperative to define the term,” said lawmaker Binda Pande.

Lawmakers Pabitra Niraula, Meena Pandey and Yashoda Gurung Subedi seconded Binda for the amendment during the discussion.

Meena Pande also suggested the removal of phrase ‘father unidentified’ from the Act. The discriminatory provision in the Act must be scrapped, Gurung underscored.

Committee President Shashi Shrestha shared that the bill would be finalized after holding thorough discussion.