Leaders call King to abdicate, pave way for peace

Kathmandu, May 19:

Leaders of the seven-party alliance said today that the King could remain a “respected citizen of the country” provided he was ready to “abdicate the throne” and cooperate with peaceful transition of the country towards a democratic republic.

“If the King is ready to abdicate the throne, he can happily live in the country as a respected citizen and he does not need to flee,” said Nepali Congress central working committee member Narahari Acharya.

He made this remark while addressing thousands of people gathered at Ratnapark to celebrate yesterday’s declaration of the revived House of Representatives.

Acharya said the declaration had given the King an opportunity that he may not have to flee the country if he was ready to cooperate with the people’s desire of peaceful transition towards a democratic republic.

“The declaration is the first step towards achieving its goal of election to a Constituent Assembly (CA) and it has also severed ties with the old regime,” Acharya said, adding that all should be alert and should remain active to create new Nepal through the CA election.

Addressing the meeting, standing committee member of the CPN-UML Ishwor Pokharel said the monarchy would not be completely defeated unless the nation headed for the election to a CA, which would create a democratic polity without the monarchy.

“Beacon of the movement must keep on lighting until a new constitution is made through the CA,” Pokharel said, adding that they would make public the misdeeds of the monarchy. NC (D) leader NP Saud said the declaration had shown clear vision to the nation and it was “supreme” as it reflected the voice of the people. Himlal Puri of the Janamorcha Nepal said future of monarchy would be decided by the CA election.