Left alliance a threat to democracy, says Arzu Deuba

Dhangadi, November 17

Nepali Congress candidate for the parliamentary election from Kailali Constituency 5 Arzu Deuba today said the left alliance had posed a threat to democracy in the country.

Addressing an election rally at Shivnagarchowk of Dhangadhi Sub-metropolis, Deuba charged that the left alliance was giving false promises to the people.

“The alliance’s major target is to impose one-party communist rule in the country,” she said.  She claimed that if the left alliance garnered two-thirds majority in the elections, it would usurp the fundamental rights of the people, including the freedom to expression, by amending the statute.

Stating that Nepal gained political freedom and other rights through various movements and agitations in different time-periods, Deuba argued that her party’s victory was a must to safeguard democracy in the country. She further said, “NC has led every fight for freedom and democracy throughout the history.” She also held that the upcoming parliamentary and provincial elections were, in a sense, a referendum for the people to make a choice between democracy and totalitarianism.

Deuba urged the people to vote for her party for the prosperity and development of the country. She expressed confidence that people in her constituency would elect her to the Parliament.