‘Left alliance’s daydream will never come true’

Damauli, November 16

Senior Nepali Congress leader Ramchandra Paudel, who is the parliamentary candidate from Tanahun-2, today said the left alliance’s day dream of uprooting the parliamentary system and imposing communism in the country will never come true.

Addressing an election campaign at Kawajit of Bhanu Municipality in Tanahun today, Paudel said the dream of the left alliance garnering two-thirds majority in the election and running the government would remain a dream.

He called the communist forces ‘opportunists and betrayers’. “If communist forces deny democracy and try to impose authoritarianism in the country, under no condition will it be acceptable. Hence, democratic forces have to be elected for republicanism and statute execution,” argued Paudel.

He was of the opinion that if areas like agriculture, tourism and hydropower were to develop adequately, employment opportunity to hundreds of thousands of youth could be given in the country itself.