Leftists, republicans will form the next govenment: Prakash

KAVRE:Unified CPN-Maoist vice chairman Narayankaji Shrestha ‘Prakash’ today said that the meetings of three major parties were merely photo calls and was making no headway in ending the political stalemate.

Addressing a tea reception of Banepa City Committee affiliated to Newa Rastriya Mukti Morcha, Shrestha said that the meetings of the three parties have not reached any conclusion yet. “The agendas are not addressed and there is no discussion, however, photos are taken and tea is served in the meetings, he said on a satirical note, adding, the UCPN-M will not come to agreement until UML and NC address issue of civilian supremacy and unconstitutional step of the president.”

The door for talks is always open, however, the issues we have raised must be addressed through a common sankalpa prastav, he added.

Meanwhile he informed that the Maoists would be forced to launch decisive protest programmes after Tihar if the demands were not met. “Struggle is not our want, but we are forced to stage it,” he said, stating that the upcoming protest would successfully establish civilian supremacy.

Shrestha also sees conspiracies against the UCPN-M. ‘Prakash’ also blamed the UML and the NC of trying to create breaches in the politics of agreement.

He also stated that UCPN-M was always trying for an agreement among parties. Furthermore, he argued that the peace process could come to a logical end only if the PLA fighters were integrated, he said. “Our party does not want to lead the government, but the situation is such that we should not step back,” he said. “The next government will be of the leftists and republicans,” he added.

Also, speaking at a press conference organised by Kavre chapter of Revolutionary Journalists, he said, “The government forced

the Maoists to disrupt

the parliament. While we expect for a national consensus we are doubtful that the parties would submit to an agreement.” Hitman Shakya, chairman of Newa Rastriya Mukti Morcha also spoke on similar lines, on the occasion.