Lekhnath mourns death of six pilgrims

Lekhnath, May 20:

Death of six neighbours in a bus accident at Chhirkane of Ghansikuwa VDC in Tanahun district today sent shock waves in the Leknathan municipality.

Six pilgrims, three from Ward No 8 and one each from Wards No 4, 5 and 7 of the municipality died in the mishap while they were on their way to Gorakhkali Temple to pay homage on the occasion of Chandi Purnima. Of the six victims, four were housewives, a youth and a girl.

Residents of Lekhnath municipality are mourning the death of Mewa Bastakoti of Ward No 4, Sunil BK of Ward No 5, Devi Dhamala of Ward No 7, Laxmi Adhikary, Purnakala Bastola and a 15-year-old girl Purnima Gurung of Ward No 8. Shocked neighbours and relatives of the mishap victims hardly speak. “The whole of the municipality is mourning the death,” Laxmi Tripathi, a local, told this daily.

“The Lekhnath residents are sad to see their loved ones die on the day of Buddha Purnima,” Bhimpani Baral, a resident in the municipality, said.

Basanti Bastola, a passenger in the ill-fated bus said the bus was speeding right from the beginning .