‘Life-saving drugs will be procured’

Chitwan, December 7

Health and Population Minister Ram Janam Chaudhary today said the government will procure life-saving drugs through a fast-track system.

“As our stocks last for 40 days, tops, the government has adopted fast-track method according to which, we will dispense with the long procurement process,” said the minister, speaking to journalists in Bharatpur.

“As supplying them by road freight might take more time, this time they will be airlifted, for which we will call tenders in a day or two. We are committed to giving priority to a domestic company with good track record,” he added.

The minister, who also monitored Bharatpur-based BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital today, expressed serious concern about the suspension of some of the services there due to defunct machines and suggested that hospital authorities should expedite the process of repairing and procuring new machines in view of the trouble patients have had to face.

After CT Scan and Mammogram machines at the hospital broke down, patients who are in need of those services are now compelled to buy those services from private health facilities at huge amounts.