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Limbuwan to bar CA members

Himalayan News Service

Phidim, September 2

Federal Limbuwan Party Nepal, which has been protesting seeking declaration of the nine districts east of the Arun River das an autonomous Limbuwan state, is all set to bar lawmakers voted to power by the people here, from the region.

Accusing theCA members representing different parties from the region of standing against identity-based federalism and federal constitution, the Limbuwan party made public their new form of agitation ‘No Limbuwan No Entry’ in the region, today.

FLPN Chairperson Kumar Lingden described the agitation as a compulsion born out of the ‘mistake’ of lawmakers elected from the Limbuwan land. He said they had ditched the Limbuwan cause.

“As per the agitation, we’ll adopt multiple measures to prevent their visit to the districts here,” said Lingden, adding, “Measures like putting up human barricades on the road, calling strikes and bandhs, boycotting their programmes and showing them black flags could be adopted to foil their attempt to enter the region.”

According to Lingden, they will seize the estate of CA members if they fail to show commitment to fulfil the demands of the Limbuwan land. He, however, pledged to keep the agitation peaceful to achieve their goal.

“As we are in a peaceful struggle, there won’t be any violence as we’ve seen in the Tharuhat, Magarat and Madhes agitations,” he said, adding that he and his party was always cautious regarding the possible violence.

A version of this article appears in print on September 03, 2015 of The Himalayan Times.

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