BAJURA: After the devastating April 25 earthquake, the government introduced new building codes to ensure that post-quake constructions are earthquake-resilient.

But, local government bodies in the district have not paid any heed to the codes.

The government has issued a guideline for housing development and building construction, which requires that house owners must approve architectural design of their house.

Even the dwellers in Martadi, the district headquarter of Bajura, have been constructing houses without getting their designs approved and consulting the technicians.

Narayan Thugana, of Badimalika-10, earlier approached the Municipality to get his design approved, but authorities informed that they did not have the tradition of map approval nor do have the human resources to do the job.

Like others, he too is constructing the house without any consultation with the technicians.

Acting Chief of Badimalika Municipality, Siddha Raj Joshi, said it is compulsory to obtain the map approval for the construction purpose within and outside the Municipality.

He further said the Municipality requires an architect or civil engineer and five other technicians to run the service from the Municipality.

He, meanwhile, expressed his displeasure with the government for declaring the area a Municipality without managing the required human resources.

Chief District Officer, Dhan Parsad Sharma, said most houses of the district are vulnerable as they are constructed without the map approval from the concerned authority.

However, the building constructions in Martadi are done at the will of the owners without any map approval, nor are the suggestions from the technicians received, said one of the technicians in the district.

According to the 2011 census, most houses in Bajura district are built in traditional manner and they might crumble even to earthquakes as small as measuring 6 Richter scale.