Local bodies' election to be held on time says Minister Pandey

BIRGUNJ: Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development, Hitraj Pandey, has said that local bodies' election would be held within mid-April.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Centre Nepal, Parsa, at Birgunj on Monday, Minister Pandey said that the government would hold all level of election on the slated time by amending the constitution.

Meanwhile, addressing an annual review seminar organised by the Ministry of Local Development here, he emphasised on investing budget in infrastructure development allocated by the government for border area development programme.

Minister Pandey also directed the representatives of different government offices to spend the budget in infrastructure development like road, electricity and irrigation.

Similarly, State Minister Shree Prasad Jabegu said that it was necessary to monitor the Border Area Development Project.

The government has implemented the project in 20 districts, linking border with India, from Jhapa to Kanchanpur with an objective of equal participation of all in national development.