Local leaders step up poll campaign

Dhangadi, April 1

Political leaders in Kailali and Kanchanpur of Tarai have begun preparation for the upcoming local polls although the Madhes-based parties are not in favour of holding the elections.

District level leaders of Madhesi and Tharuhat parties have been waiting for decision from the central leadership on whether or not to participate in the civic polls. Other parties, meanwhile, have launched their election campaigns in Tharu settlements of both the districts.

Leaders and cadres of the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist (Centre) have launched their campaigns for the election. CPN-Maoist Centre leader Urmila Chaudhary said, “We launched our campaign as soon as the government announced the election date.”

NC local leader Garibdas Chaudhary said the local level elections were a must for proper implementation of the statute. Acting Coordinator of Tharuhat/Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee Kailali Krishna Kumar Chaudhary said the Tharu community was not against the polls, but they might obstruct the election if the government went ahead without meeting their demands.

Budhram Chaudhary of Kailari Rural Municipality-5 said it was confusing for the general public that some parties had launched their election campaigns, while Madhes-based parties were not in favour of the polls.