Locals allege misuse of budget

BAJURA: A huge amount of budget allocated for different target groups is being allegedly misused in Bajura.

District Development Committee and Village Development Committees do allocate budget for various target groups, but it has been learnt that only a little amount of the fund is used for the actual work while the lion’s share is used for some other purpose or in some cases it has even ended up in pockets.

In Atichaur VDC, around Rs 163,000 had been allocated for capacity building and income generating programmes for women, but except for a little amount, the rest of the budget had been used for a local health post.

In Chhatara VDC as well, around Rs 140,000 meant to be spent for women is learnt to have been used for construction of a local health post building.

Meanwhile, locals in Doghadi VDC are also doubtful that the budget allocated for the target group is being used for some other purpose. People who have more access have been allegedly using the budget allocated for the target groups.

“We distribute the fund for the target groups via the leaders of that community. We are not sure whether

they spend the amount for the targeted sector or not as that could only be verified at the end of the fiscal year after they complete their work.’’ said secretary of Dogadi VDC Krishna Prasad Joshi.

Dil Bahadur Rawat, a local, said that the big fish have been misusing the fund meant for target groups by presenting fake bills.

“They are the ones who prepare everything in the closed rooms and present the bills to claim the fund, while the actual group that is in real need of the fund doesn’t get any benefit,” he said, suggesting that the amount should not be spent in other sectors if they are to be spent at all.

Local Development Officer Yuvraj Poudel ruled out any wrongdoing. “The budget is being used for the purpose it is allocated for. If there are any irregularities found, they will face action,” he pledged.