Locals barred from entering Chitwan National Park

RATNANAGAR: The Chitwan National Park (CNP) has prevented locals from entering the national park area after the folks were found cutting sal trees in the area.

The national park had allowed the locals’ entry to collect  thatch grasses some days ago, but the locals were involved in cutting sal trees by taking advantage of the national park’s step.

The CNP Chief Conservation Officer, Ram Chandra Kandel, said that entry of the local residents is prevented after their involvement in the felling of the sal trees.

The officials said that the locals would not get a chance to enter the park with weapons in case they were permitted to visit the national park area.

Likewise, Assistant Conservation Officer Abhinaya Pathak said that four to five sal trees were readied to smuggle after cutting near Shivadwara area of Ayodhyapuri. He, however, said that no one was arrested in connection to the incident.

As the local residents were found involved in felling trees, the CNP has also terminated the period for collecting the thatch grass prior to the given time.