Locals dread cave-ins

KHOTANG: Residents of Kharpa in Khotang have been terrorised after the ground that had developed cracks due to the April 25 earthquake began to cave in.

According to local teacher Basantaraj Pokharel, around 500 ropani land in Kharpa VDC, Simkharka, has started to sink with the onset of monsoon. “The temblor had only split the ground, but the recent rain has caused it to sink,” said Pokharel, adding that 10 households of the area were at risk. The current land situation has also affected regular power and water supply, among other things, in the area.

Local Rajan Magar informed that around 80 households of Kharpa-8 and 9 were deprived of drinking water after Jukekhola Village Drinking Water Project was damaged due to the cave-in.

Similarly, vehicular movement has discontinued at Arkhaule-Kharpa-Eselukharka road after it was riddled with cracks. Power supply has been disrupted in Simkharka after some of the electricity poles fell due to the sinking ground.

CDO Govind Sapkota, also the coordinator at District Disaster Rescue Committee, said a team of technicians had been deployed to take stock of the situation. He also urged residents to be on high alert.