KAVRE: The stone idol of Bhagawati at Ugrachandi Nala Bhagawati Temple has been found ‘sweating’, a sign locals consider ominous. The sweating of the idol was first witnessed by the devotees from Kathmandu while they were offering prayers at the temple at noon on Friday. Temple priest Krishna Gopal Karmacharya said the idol was ‘seen sweating after seven months’ and it has left locals worried. "Two female devotees from Kathmandu started shaking while they were offering prayers to the idol. We looked inside the temple and found the idol sweating," Karmacharya said. It is believed that the sweating of the idol brings misfortune to the country. Karmacharya stressed on the need to perform prayers for forgiveness. He informed that the idol had continued to sweat till Friday evening. "Even the right leg of the idol was seen perspiring," he informed. Earlier, the temple management and residents of Nala had performed atonement prayers last year when the idol began to sweat.
Prison walls collapse
LAMJUNG: The walls of Lamjung District Prison, that were weakened by the deadly quake of April 25 and aftershocks, collapsed after rains on Friday. DSP Pawan Giri of District Police Office said that security had been beefed up after the walls caved in. DSP Giri added that the walls would be reconstructed soon. Jailer Dipendra Kumar Yadav said that security had been increased to prevent inmates from fleeing the jail. He stressed on the need to reconstruct the walls at the earliest.