Locals team up to protect Peepal trees

BEJHAD: Locals in Rambha Rural Municipality-1 of Palpa district have teamed up for the protection of Peepal trees (Ficus religiosa) that have both environmental and religious significance.

They have joined their hands in the campaign carrying the slogan 'Plant Peepal, Earn Blessings; Conserve Ecology, Become Healthy'.

The conservation drive has been initiated to enliven the importance of Peepal trees at a time when they are being cut off in the name of development lately.

Under the leadership of Laxminarayan Dham and Peepal Protection Foundation, local people have plated 150 saplings of Peepal in three hectares of land along the banks of Kaligandaki river.

Peepal has been scientifically proven to be very useful for oxygen generation and medicinal use. Therefore, campaign for the protection of the species has been introduced, said Chhabilal Dumre, Chair of the Foundation.

"The task of systematically barring the Peepal plants and constructing slate-based rest spot around the tree is taking place. Likewise, the temple of Shaligram (ammonite stone), symbolic is Hinduism of Lord Vishnu, is also being constructed," he shared.

Locals have also raised fund equivalent to Rs 400,000 for the campaign. So far, 700 people have donated kind labour in the campaign, the Foundation source said.