Longest total lunar eclipse of 21st century to occur at midnight

KATHMANDU: The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century is going to take place at midnight today.

The total lunar eclipse is going to last for about one hour 43 minutes, according to a press release issued by Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO). Skygazers will be able to witness a dark red coloured moon during today's eclipse.

The lunar eclipse will start from 12:09 am and will last till 4:04 am. The shadow of the earth will completely cover the moon creating the 'blood moon' from 1:15 am to 2:58 am. This period when the moon falls completely under the shadow of the Earth is known as 'totality'.

People all over the nation will be able to view the eclipse from their homes or any open space with their naked eyes or with a telescope.

As per the press release, NASO has made special provisions for interested denizens of Kathmandu valley to observe the lunar eclipse through a telescope from 11:30 pm Friday to 4:30 am Saturday morning.

For more information regarding the eclipse, interested individuals can contact the NASO office at 9843708248.