Madhav Kumar Nepal accuses Oli of turning 'autocrat' in UML

POKHARA: CPN-UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal on Sunday accused his party Chair and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli of operating the party "as an autocrat".

Addressing his party cadres in Pokhara of Kaski today, the former Prime Minister Nepal accused Oli of taking all decisions unilaterally violating the party statue.

"This will not do any good to the party," he said, "Now, I will move ahead against the chairman who runs the party on his own."

An aggressive Nepal said Oli appointed cadres loyal to him in various offices and positions including ambassadors, but rejected qualified candidates from the rival faction.

"The party should run according to collective leadership and the system," he commented.

"I am the chief of the International Department in the party. But, I cannot know invitations sent from various nations and the party delegations are sent unilaterally," Nepal lamented.

"I am also one who sowed the seed for party. But, I am being bypassed."

Nepal even accused Oli of misusing the state resources for party activities.

He also urged cadres to speak against autocracy within the party.

"How long will we tolerate?" he questioned, adding, "Honest cadres should stand up to make the party credible and transparent."