Madhav Kumar Nepal laments historic blunder

Mahendranagar, March 20:

Former general secretary of the CPN-UML Madhav Kumar Nepal today said it was a great mistake on the part of the political parties to bring the Maoists to the government while they still had a parallel army and they were still carrying arms.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the Kanchanpur chapter of Press Chautari Nepal here, Nepal said, “There is a risk that the nation could face chaos due to the wrong doings of the Maoist-led government.”

Nepal, who is also the chairman of the constitutional committee of the CA, said it was a grave mistake to bring the Maoists to the government before they abandoned the arms.

“We took the Maoists to the CA polls while they still had weapons. But it was a great blunder,” he said.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the government’s performance, he said, “We cannot expect respect, honour and a political culture from the Maoists as they are guided by weapon-oriented ideology.”

“When it comes to learning bad cultures, the Maoists the best sources,” he said. He said the Maoists were creating an extremely unfavourable situation for peace and stability in the country.

“The Maoists made a mistake again by not extending the tenure of the brigadier generals of the Nepali Army,” he said.

Saying that the Maoists were not trusting the Nepali army, he accused the Maoists of trying to create a mess in the Nepali Army.

“Serious doubts have been raised over the intention of the Maoist when they did not extend the tenure of the Nepali Army brigadier generals,” he said.

Saying the new constitution will be drafted on time, he said, “I urge all for consensus to draft the new constitution on time.”

Saying that the task of running the government and drafting of new constitution were different, he said, “The task of collecting suggestions on the constitution is going on in a successful manner.”

Nepal arrived here in connection with the collection of public opinion on the form and content of the draft of the future constitution.