Madhes agitation weakened due to leaders: Matrika Yadav

RAJBIRAJ: Giving credit to the Madhesi youth for the ongoing Madhes agitation, the central coordinator of CPN Maoist, Matrika Yadav, on Saturday, criticised the top leaders of Madhes-based parties for their modus operandi, which he said, has weakened the agitation.

He was speaking at an interaction programme with the party cadres in Rajbiraj today.

According to him, the youth wanted real revolution and were ready for sacrifice while "some commanders of the agitation" wanted money and position.

He pointed out the need for sincerity to make the agitation fruitful, saying some leaders neither wanted to carry on with agitation nor leave it.

"Only criticising Upendra Yadav, Rajendra Mahato, Mahantha Thakur, Mahendra Raya Yadav (top leaders of United Democratic Madhesi Front) is not enough. Leaders in the districts also should be responsible."