Madhesi Front announces new protest programmes

KATHMANDU: Concluding that the government was taking the talks lightly, the agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front announced new protest programmes, on Friday.

The Front held a meeting in Kathmandu today to review the protest programmes and formulate new strategies in the wake of the Constitution Amendment Bill the government tabled at the Parliament and announced new programmes.

The new protest programmes include burning copies of the Constitution Amendment Bill, holding protest rallies and assemblies and obstructing representatives of the government including ministers and lawmakers from visiting Tarai districts.

The Front, however, maintained silence on if its border blockade programme continued.

A press statement issued after the meeting said the Front concluded that the talks turned irrelevant as the government did not have any clear view on demands of the protesting parties.

It added that the Constitution Amendment Bill did not address concerns of Madhesis, Janajatis, Dalits, Tharus, Muslims and other agitating communities. "It is not acceptable to us," the Front noted.

The UDMF has been protesting the new Constitution for over three months claiming the historic charter failed to represent sentiments of proportional inclusive representation of Madhesi people into all state bodies and identity-based federalism, among others.