Madhesi intelligentsia doubts PM’s intention

Birgunj, September 15

Intelligentsia and leaders of local civil society and political parties have doubted that Prime Minster Puspa Kamal Dahal is serious about resolving the Madhes crisis.

Speaking at an interaction on Madhes issues in Birgunj, Parsa, today, they pointed out that constitution amendment was the expedient way to address the concerns of the Madhes.

“In fact, the PM seems to be buying time with his misplaced focus on improving relations with India, rather than focusing on the burning issue of Madhes here,” said Tarai Madhes Democratic Party General Secretary Jitendra Sonal. This government is no different from the previous government in its apathy towards the Madhes issue, he added.

Former speaker Damannath Dhungana suggested that the political parties and their leaders settle the internal issues inside the country itself.