Madhesi parties walk out of House, warn of leaving if process not corrected

KATHMANDU: Saying they would let the Legislature-Parliament to carry on its proceedings in order to endorse the Reconstruction Authority Bill, the lawmakers of Madhesi parties have walked out of the House on Wednesday.

Laxman Lal Karna of Sadbhawana Party spoke at today's House meeting and said the agitating Madhesi parties were letting the House to carry out its business and wish for the endorsement of the Reconstruction Authority Bill.

He, however, issued a warning that the parties would be compelled to leave the House if it did not correct itself.

Objecting to the tabling of Constitution Amendment Bill yesterday despite the Madhesi parties' protest, Karna charged that the voice of fringe parties was ignored and the House was listening to the government and major parties only.

He argued that the Constitution Amendment Bill was tabled breaching the parliamentary norms and the Speaker's ruling. Saying the Madhesi parties returned to the Parliament in order to resolve the ongoing agitation in Tarai-Madhesi and responded to the call for talks positively, Karna accused the government of not being serious and sensitive towards the issues of Madhes.

"Yesterday we were standing in protest," Karna recalled, "The Speaker ruled that doing so would obstruct the House business and said she would provide us with time to speak. But two bills were brought in unilaterally amid the obstruction despite the Speaker's ruling."

He further urged the Speaker to correct what happened yesterday and follow the parliamentary process.

"We would have obstructed the House today. But we are for passing the Reconstruction Authority Bill in order to provide relief to the people affected by the earthquake," he said.

Karna demanded for a new ruling from the Speaker, while announcing that the Madhesi lawmakers were walking out of the House today.