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Madhesis don’t want to secede, says MJF-Republican Chair Yadav

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Rajbiraj, December 27

Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Republican national Chairperson Raj Kishor Yadav said talks of secession are not in favour of the Madhes.

Speaking at a party organised press conference here, the MJF-R leader made it clear that Madhesis are not in favour of seceding the region from Nepal. “There is no question of Madhes being a separate country if we are to take into account the geo-political situation,” he remarked.

Further, accusing the main opposition CPN-UML of egging the Madhesis on to take sides with the elements of disintegration, Yadav expressed dismay at the UML decision to obstruct the statute amendment bill.

“Statute amendment is for granting equal rights to all Nepalis, which we want, but unfortunately the opposition has stood in the way,” the Madhesi leader said, demanding that the bill registered in Parliament be amended to accommodate the concerns of Madhesis.

“Statute implementation will be impossible until and unless the statute is amended. Otherwise, the country will face another wave of agitation,” he warned, also alleging that the government had not been honest in honouring the three-point agreement it struck with the Madhes-based parties earlier.

Further, cautioning the major parties about the possible grave situations of the protracted crisis, Yadav urged people not to construe their political struggle for a Madhes province vested with maximum jurisdiction as a bid to split the country. “We want a separate Madhes province with maximum rights, that’s it. We’re not for secession of any form from Nepal,” he clarified.

A version of this article appears in print on December 28, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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