Mahakali flood waters recede

Chandani, September 27:

Flood waters which had caused an embankment in the Mahakali river to collapse on Sunday receded today. Meanwhile, at least five hundred schoolchildren have started volunteering to mend the damaged embankment. Students from the Sharada secondary school, Mahakali Adarsha lower secondary school and Kalika primary school, were carrying stones to the banks of the river to repair the embankment. One Naresh Raj Giri of Mahakali Adarsha lower secondary school said it was the students’ duty to help those in trouble.

Head of the No 7 division of the Water-Borne Disease Control Department, who arrived at the site admitted the division was not able to renovate the river embankments. Meanwhile, regional administrator of the far-west and security officials have assured of initiative for the safety of the flood victims. The RNA’s divisional commander of the far west division, Rajendra Thapa, said works will be carried out depending on the requirements. “The present need is not only to provide the relief to the displaced, but to check similar incidents from recurring.” Thapa and regional administrator Ganesh Sherchan also said an investigation on renovation of the embankment would be carried out.