NAWALPARASI: Mahantha Thakur has been re-elected Chairman of the Tarai Madhes Democratic Party unanimously, during the party's first national general convention, on Wednesday. Likewise, Hridayesh Tripathi and Brikhesh Chandra Lal were unanimously elected Senior Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively. For the post of the Senior Vice-Chairman, Tripathi and Bishwonath Prasad Yadav had filed their candidacy. Yadav, however, withdrew his candidacy later and with his support, Tripathi was elected to the post. For three posts of General Secretary, six candidates have filed their candidacies. The number of candidates for the post of treasurer, assistant general secretary, and central members under the Dalit and Muslim reservations it yet to be ascertained. The elections are yet to begin for the positions. The general convention of the party would elect a 73-member central committee. The closed session endorsed amendments in the party policies and programmes, the party informed.