Mahara blames PM for ‘failures’

Kathmandu, July 11:

Maoist minister and government spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara today blamed Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala for the government’s inability to hold constituent assembly election in June. He also said he was unable to address issues of the general public in the government’s policies and programmes.

“The government has been hatching conspiracies and working with an old mind-set,” the Minister for Information and Communications told a press conference at the Maoists’ parliamentary party office.

Most of the Maoist ministers, including Hishila Yami and Dev Gurung, were present at the conference where secretaries and senior officials of their portfolios made public their progressive reports. “We have spent three months in the cabinet and our expectations have not been met,” Mahara said.

“As Prime Minister Koirala has been leading the eight-party government he must take the responsibility for its failures,” he added.

“The Prime Minister is solely responsible for not launching programmes directly related with the people’s right to live,” Mahara said.

“We have been demanding a Joint Coordination Committee to guide the cabinet, but in vain and, moreover, the cabinet has been working as if it were a majority government of the Nepali Congress,” he added. Mahara, however, said that they still hope to bring about a change in society. The ministers said the government is not working in line with the Interim Constitution of Nepal-2007.

Mahara also said that national and international forces are conspiring against the election.