Maintain harmony, lawmakers demand

Kathmandu, August 24

Lawmakers have been urging the concerned authorities to address the demands of the agitators so as to maintain social harmony in the country which was under threat due to the ongoing demonstrations.

Addressing today’s meeting of parliament, lawmaker Bharat Kumar Shah said in the last hours of drafting the new constitution, attempts were being made to destroy communal harmony by inciting violence. “We must be aware about the ongoing activities that could incite ethnic violence.”

UML leader and lawmaker Bhim Rawal said some people have been engaged in breaking social harmony and inciting people instead of soothing them.

“Despite the commitment to maintain peace, some people who don’t want peace have been trying to disturb harmony,” he added.

Another lawmaker Shyam Kumar Shrestha said this situation was the result of destroying the clusters of Tharu and Madhesi people. “Violent activities were the result of demarcating without understanding the people’s feelings and without any theoretical basis. It’s not the right time to suppress movements but instead to meet their appropriate demands,” he said.

NC lawmaker Tejulal Chaudhary said a big accident could occur if the demarcation of borders was not corrected.

UCPN-M lawmaker Ashok Kumar Mandal said people demanding their rights have been labelled separatists, but still leaders are not wanting to give rights to the people. “In the name of security, the government has been trying to suppress the peaceful movement of Tarai Madhes,” he said.

Lawmakers speaking at zero hour also demanded that the concerns of Madhesis, Tharus and indigenous people should be addressed and to stop the attempts to break communal harmony in different parts of the country.