Make justice delivery service-seeker friendly, says CJ

Khotang, January 11

Chief Justice Sushila Karki today stressed the need to make the justice delivery system service seeker-friendly.

Inaugurating the newly-constructed building of District Court Khotang, Karki said, “We should work to make every court service seeker-friendly to establish it as a temple of faith and justice.” She held that judges should be very cautious while delivering the verdict to do justice to the people and the country.

Karki directed judges to provide people with justice in a speedy and effective manner. “We hear the complaint that service seekers have to wait for long hours, spend a lot of money and pass through complicated processes. This practice has to come to an end sooner than later,” Karki added.

Chief Justice Karki urged the judges to keep the poor, needy and victims in their priority list and render justice to them quickly. “Those impoverished, needy and poor cannot afford money at the court. Thus, their cases should be settled first,” Karki added.

Karki held that only the settlement of cases in free and fair manner would earn the trust of the public. She argued that a system for settling cases related to women in two to three days would have a positive impact on society.

Karki urged the judges to focus on reconciliation as prolonged cases at the court would cause harm to both parties. “Reconciliation is the only way to create a win-win situation for both the parties,” Karki added.