Make King prez: Shrestha

Nuwakot, September 8:

NC (D) vice-president and Minister for Physical Planning and Works, Gopal Man Shrestha, today said that the dispute over monarchy could be solved by making the present king the last monarch and first president of the country.

Saying that it was his personal opinion, which he was offering for public discussion, Shrestha said: “Let the king be made the last king and first president after holding discussions with the seven parties, the Maoists and the king sitting together; this will ensure a safe-landing for the king and put an end to the dispute over monarchy.”

Speaking at a function on the occasion of the 93th birth anniversary of the late BP Koirala in Bidur, Shrestha said: “As the king had already surrendered to the people on April 24, the decision taken by people on monarchy would be final”.

“It would be difficult to end monarchy since some votes are bound to be cast in support of the monarchy even if a referendum is held,” said Shrestha.