Kathmandu, March 12

Malaysian Immigration Department has detained 258 illegal Nepali workers, reported Bernama.com.

According to the website, the Malaysian Immigration Department detained 118 employers suspected of committing hiring offences, sheltering illegal immigrants and abetting with illegals at premises (occupier) from February 19 until March 8.

The website quoted Director-General of Malaysian Immigration Department Datuk Seri Sakib Kusmi as saying that out of the total, 110 employers were Malaysians, followed by Indonesians (three) and one each from Thailand, Pakistan, Yemen, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

The arrests were made after 654 operations were conducted and 12,657 foreigners inspected.

“Out of the total, 4,114 illegals were arrested for further action,” Bernama.com quoted Kusmi as saying. Among the arrested people were 1,221 Indonesians followed by illegals from Bangladesh (1,177), Myanmar (408), The Philippines (338), Nepal (258), Thailand (152), Vietnam (138), Pakistan (132) and the rest from other countries.

According to the website the department reminded the public and employers not to hire and shelter illegals or face legal action.

“Employers are encouraged to participate in the rehiring and replacement of illegal immigrants programme that began since last February 15,” the website quoted Kusmi as saying.