Dhangadi, September 16 Twenty-five-year-old Tulashi Fulara Bhatta of Khamaura in Godawari Municipality, Kailali, died on Friday night. Her husband Prashant Bhatta reported the incident to police on the same night saying that she had committed suicide. Police reached the incident site the same night, but they sent the body to Seti Zonal Hospital yesterday for post-mortem. Tulashi’s parents and relatives, however, are not ready to accept that she committed suicide. They have filed an FIR against Prashant with the police office claiming that she was murdered. On the basis of  the FIR, police have taken Prashant under control. Tulashi’s brother Prabhat Bhatta claimed that Prashant had killed his wife. “The body was found lying on the bed. Tulashi could not have killed herself by hanging from the window,” Prabhat said. A shawl was found tied to the window. The windows and the door of the room were found open. Cosmetics were scattered in the room. A shelf was found damaged. Tulashi’ abdomen and back showed bruises. Prabhat said Prashant used to thrash Tulashi repeatedly in the past. It is reported that Prashant had burned goods provided by Tulashi’s parents as dowry. DSP Hari Bahadur Wali at the District Police Office, Kailali, said that investigation into the case was on and they were interrogating Prashant. “Facts will come out after the post-mortem report,” DSP Wali added. Prashant is a computer engineer. However, he has no job. Only husband and wife used to live in the house. Prashant told police that his wife had killed herself in front of his eyes. Tulashi’s parents have accused Prashant of beating Tulashi on various pretexts. They have sought stern action against Prashant claiming that he had murdered her. Post-mortem has been conducted but the report is yet to come, said police.