Man continues vow of silence for world peace for 16 years

MYAGDI: A man has been observing the vow of silence for last 16 years wishing for world peace, in Myagdi district.

By writing, Ramananda Saraswati, who hails from Dhanusha district, explained that he was fed up with the everyday mundane life marred by the gruesome experiences caused by rampant disturbances and disorders in the world, rage, poverty and violence among others and took a refuge in silence.

The 51-year-old told the Rastriya Samachar Samiti that he has been keeping himself busy with religious activities, strictly avoiding interpersonal communications for a decade and a half.

In his diary, he also mentioned that he reads holy scriptures and Vedic literatures such as 'Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta', 'Mahabharat', 'Ramayan' and purans and the like.

Also, interesting as it may sound, but the man avoids grains, but only eats fruits.

Reaffirming his commitment for his solemn vow he wrote, "I will not give up my vow of silence until peace prevails in the world. I will not intake grains either."

Ramananda also shared that many people come to visit him from adjacent districts including Baglung, Parbat, Kaski as well as from the Capital city to appreciate his deed and express their solidarity for the noble cause.