Man-eating tiger captured after week-long attempt in Chitwan

CHITWAN: The tiger, which had attacked and killed a man last week, has been captured by a team from Chitwan National Park (CNP) on Thursday.

Jit Bahadur Rai (56) of Gobindabasti in Madi Municipality-9 was found dead on August 23, a day after he went missing in the jungle. Rai's body was found partly mauled by a tiger. Subsequently, the incident of tiger attack forced the CNP to capture the tiger in order to stop attacks on other humans.

According to Nurendra Aryal, Assistant Conservation Officer and Information Officer at the CNP, a joint team of personnel from CNP, National Nature Conservation Fund and Nepal Army captured the tiger at 6:30 pm yesterday near Kalika Temple in Madi Area, after a week-long attempt. As many as six elephants and 40-50 people were mobilised in the operation to find the tiger, informed Aryal.

The captured adult male tiger bore several injuries in different parts of its body including left paw, senior veterinarian Dr Kamal Gaire said and added that it might have been injured and disabled in a fight with another big cat.

It has been assumed that the inability to hunting might have led the tiger to attack human.

Meanwhile, the captured big cat has been kept in a cage at Kasara, the CNP headquarters.

Earlier on August 6, another tiger was captured after it killed a woman in Jagatpur. Being old and refusing to eat, the tiger died in the captivity after a week.