Man growing Jamara on chest for peace

Rajbiraj, September 27:

Wishing for the restoration of peace in the country, Rama Kanta Nauniya,29, of Padariya tole in Rajbiraj municipality is growing Jamara - the shoots of barley and paddy - on his chest after covering it with mud on the occasion of Dashain.

Locals said Rama Kanta sowed paddy and barley on his body on the day of Ghatasthapana.

He reportedly told the locals that he took the decision as the Goddess Devi appeared before him in a dream and told him to plant Jamara on his body.

Rama Kanta is staying beside the Biraju pond and is on a fast for three days.

A local, Raksu Nauniya, said the youth is drawing people from different districts.

Father of Rama Kanta is also on a fast for three days, locals said.

Visitors come to them, hoping to get their wishes fulfilled, said Suraj Kumar Thakur, a native of Janakpur-4.

“We have asked pond owners — Suman Das, Ganga Das and Dasharath Das — to construct a temple beside the pond, believing that over 45 gods will appear from Rama Kanta’s

body,” said a local, Sanu Manandhar.