Mugu man finds wife and paramour in bed, kills them

MUGU: A man has murdered his wife and his uncle after reportedly finding them indulged in an illicit relationship in Mugu district of mid-western Nepal.

Dharma Raj BK (25), a resident of Karkiwada VDC-5 in Mugu, hacked his 20-year-old wife Putali and 27-year-old Jagendra last night, according to police. Jagendra was Dharma Raj's uncle by relation.

Dharma Raj had reportedly caught them red handed in their neighbour's home.

He first killed Jagendra after chasing him for 400 metres and his wife later at their home.

After the twin murders, Dharma Raj surrendered to police the same night, along with his 22-month-old son.

Dharma Raj has been taken into police custody for further investigation and legal action.

The bodies of the two victims were handed over to the families following identification, police said.