Man sentenced to life in jail in UAE returns home


Anish Khaling, a resident of Sankhuwasabha, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Pakistani national, returned home last night.

Khaling said the Pakistani national died when he tried to resist his (Pakistani’s) attempts to sodomise him.

The Dubai court of United Arab Emirates had ordered life sentence for Khaling.

He said he did not know who had provided the blood money for his release as the court had given three options to him and the Pakistani national’s family members had wanted blood money from him.

Nepalis living in the country and different parts of the world had collected Rs 32.1 million for Khaling’s release from jail.

The victim’s family had demanded Rs 8.1 million as blood money which the ‘Save Anish Khaling Campaign’ had send through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Khaling said he would now never leave Nepal, but work for the welfare of Nepalis who are facing problems abroad.