Management of combatants first: Gautam

NEPALGUNJ; CPN-UML vice-chairman Bamdev Gautam today urged the Unified CPN-Maoist to demonstrate sincerity towards the peace process by doing away with the management of their combatants prior to promulgating the new statute.

Addressing a meeting organised by Yuba Sangh Nepal in Nepalgunj, Gautam blamed the Maoists for not being serious towards the peace process. Stating that statute cannot be drafted before the management and rehabilitation of the fighters, he said, “As long as the Maoists possess their army, drafting the constitution is out of question. So the combatants need to be managed and rehabilitated first.”

Mentioning that Maoists’ not abiding by the past agreement and understanding had eroded their credibility, Gautam requested them to create a climate of trust and consensus by abiding by the past agreements.

Gautam said that if the statute could not be drafted within the deadline, the Maoists should take the greater share of the responsibility but the CPN-UML will be held responsible as it is leading the government.

Claiming that staying or not staying in the government is not that important for the CPN-UML, he said constitution-drafting and management and rehabilitation of the Maoist combatants was its prime concern.

He, further, claimed that the 12-point agreement was possible because of UML’s pro-active role. He said, “The CPN-UML has been in the government from time to time. It got to lead the government twice but a crucial responsibility of writing the constitution is on UML’s shoulder this time.” Gautam, however, stressed that the country will not backtrack from the federal system of governance.