Managing taxis, auto rickshaws a tough job

Dhangadi, July 25

The local government is facing a tough time managing taxis and auto rickshaws in Dhangadi, the temporary capital of Province 7, Kailali district, of late.

The new law states that the local government has to manage registration, renewal and check the passes of taxis and auto-rickshaws plying in the province even though the transport management office used to provide those services before.

Dhangadi sub-metropolis Mayor Nrip Bahadur Odd had said it would be hard for local bodies to perform all activities in the beginning. “Hence, we have been regularly conducting discussions with stakeholders of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry about managing taxis and auto rickshaws,” said Mayor Odd.

Seti Zonal Transportation Management Office Dhangadi Chief Krishna Bhushal said local bodies would face some challenges in managing those vehicles in the beginning. As per Bhushal, bodies have to renew the registration of taxis and auto rickshaws, check, grant permission to operate, collect tax and revenue among others.

He said, “All local governments have to perform these activities at the beginning of the new fiscal 2018-19. However, there are some confusions and hurdles prevailing in those bodies.”

He further revealed that local bodies and transportation management office have forged a verbal understanding that existing transport offices would perform activities until mid-September before local bodies get ready for the same. “Until that date, we are preparing to hold discussions among all local representatives of Province 7 to organise orientation for employees serving in transportation management and make necessary arrangements in local levels,” said Bhushal. He said checking vehicles, granting permission to operate them, printing bills and driving licences were among the tough jobs. “However, we are ready to extend our support when necessary,” said Bhushal.

Tikapur Municipality Mayor Tapendra Rawal said they were facing a hard time managing taxis and auto rickshaws in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts.