Manebhanjyang locals face water scarcity as sources go dry

BHOJPUR: Locals of Manebhanjyang in Ramprasad Rai Rural Municipality, which is located south of the district headquarters of Bhojpur, have been forced to move in search of wells due to water scarcity.

The scarcity of water persisted even during the monsoon season. Many people in the area have to spend their entire days standing in line to fill water from a local well.

Sunita Tamang, a local, shares bitter experience of having to come back home with an empty vessel when the water collected in the well was over when her turn came.

People in the village were forced to manage water from the well after the source of drinking water in their village went dry. Villagers queue up at the well from 3:00 in the morning in their attempt to collect some water, says Sita Dhakal, another local.

Despite this, they have to go to Odare, Damai Chhap, Archeni among other places to find water as the local well does not provide sufficient water for all of them.

Many people have left the village and moved elsewhere due to such water scarcity, says local Bhim Prasad Dhakal.

Similarly, the shortage of water extends to other areas of the rural municipality including Thakle, Gunrase, Jukepani, Aambite, and Chakse.

Locals are of the opinion that the water scarcity began after natural source of wells and stone taps located in the area started going dry post the earthquakes of 2015.