Maoist atrocities increasing: Report

Lalitpur, September 24:

Maoist atrocities have increased across the country lately, according to a report made public by the Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) here today.

Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC) of the INSEC had carried out on the spot study on different cases of rights violations during the last one month. The incidents studied included murder of Kumar Pariyar in Lamjung, clash between Maoists and locals at Devapurteta of Bara, discrimination by district judge at Dang and the case of Shaileswori temple of Doti.

Addressing a press meet organised to release the reports, INSEC president Subodh Raj Pyakurel said five major incidents of rights violations occurred between August 26 and September 11. He claimed that the government has become helpless while Maoist atrocities have gone up.

“Political parties should be held responsible for ensuring the people’s rights,” he said. “The Maoists have been attacking Dalits in a series of incidents and the state has become a mere spectator.”

Recalling the Devapurteta incident, Shiva Khakurel of INSEC said the Maoists had abducted Jedhi Shah Kanu, son of CPN-UML activist Mahabir Shah Kanu, while he was returning home from exam centre. “Besides, the Maoists did not allow the doctors of the Narayani Sub-regional hospital to conduct x-ray of the deceased Naresh Yadav. The Maoists have claimed that Yadav was their cadre, which the villagers deny,” Khakurel, one of the members of the study team, said.

The report on Kumar Pariyar, 16, has stated that the Maoists had severely tortured him to death for stealing.

President of the Society for the Liberation of Oppressed Castes Lal Bahadur Biswokarma said pressure should be created on all the political parties not to let such incidents to continue. He said the parties are reluctant to talk about incidents of rights violations.

“Such incidents will continue until feudalism exists in the country,” he said adding that efforts should be made

to decrease the loss of life

and property.