Maoist cadres arrested

KAPILVASTU: Kapilvastu police detained two armed Maoist cadres who had fled from Krishnasen Smriti B grade on Sunday night.

According to the police Dhir Bahadur Pariyar and Ganesh Bhandari, local residents of Gajrangkot VDC 2 , Jumla were arrested in Badganga VDC 6, Rajpur Tapke. They were caught with two rounds of bullets, three khukuries and homemade pistols.

According to the statement given to the police by the arrested cadres, they had deserted the Maoist party and joined another Maoist group led by Matika Yadhav.

Jiwan Chettri, a local resident informed the police about the cadres when they threatened him with their weapons during an argument.

Following the complaint Nepal Police and Armed Police jointly raided the house of Mahadev Chaudhary , a local resident of Badganga VDC and arrested the cadres.