Maoist Centre proposes Bhatta as CM of province 7

DHANGADHI: The CPN Maoist Centre on Friday has recommended Trilochan Bhatta to the post of Chief Minister of Province 7.

Bhatta was elected as a State Assembly member of the province in the recently held elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies.

The proposal was made following an agreement reached upon by the left alliance to give the Province 7 portfolio to the Maoist Centre.

Facts about Trilochan Bhatta:

48-year-old Trilochan Bhatta, third born son of Prasad Bhatta and Sarada Bhatta, is a permanent resident of Bhumirajmandu ward 8 in Faledi of Doti district. Poverty forced Bhatta to drop out of school at eight and he immigrated to India to work for a Japanese company at the age of 14.

Bhatta entered politics in 1991 as a member of Akhil Nepal Bharat Ekata Samaj and took up the post of treasurer of immigrant committee of the Party in Mumbai. Bhatta gave up his job in 2000 and committed himself to CPN Maoist Centre while playing a leading role during the insurgency.

Trilochan Bhatta is the Politburo member and Chair of CPN Maoist Centre Doti since 2015.

Bhatta had fought the first and second constituent assembly elections from Doti Constituency 1 and had suffered defeat in both the elections. However, he won the Provincial Assembly elections as a left alliance candidate from Doti Constituency 2 defeating Nepali Congress candidate Yogendra Shahi by 2,700 votes.

The proposed Chief Minister does not own private property and is currently residing in a rented house in Bhumirajmandu Ward 8 in Faledi. To meet daily necessities, he along with his wife grow vegetables in neighbour’s farm. He has two daughters and a son who study at Devsthal Secondary School.

Speaking to THT, Trilochan said that he would work for optimum utilisation of natural resources in the region, tourism development, modernisation of agricultural sector, and developing scientific education policies. Moreover, he said that province government should bring programmes that curb corruption as it has been growing as a malpractice in the country in recent times.