Maoist-led government would enjoy full term, says Pokharel

Kathmandu, August 17:

CPN-UML leader Ishwor Pokharel today said the Maoist-led government would enjoy full term.

“The government will a have long life as there will be a mechanism to guide the functioning of the government,” he said at an interaction organised by Reporters’ Club here. Pokharel said his party decided to form the current alliance as it did not want to form “democratic” or “leftist” alliance. He clarified that the alliance might break if the CPN-Maoist did not fulfil its commitment expressed in the peace pacts and other agreements.

Pokharel said reports about the allocation of cabinet portfolios were only the contextual information and the alliance party had not taken final decision as of today.

Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel stressed the need to frame a democratic constitution. “It seems those that are advocating people-oriented constitution have vested interests,” he said, adding that his party would play the role of a constructive opposition and would not tolerate any attempt to demean democratic practices.

Poudel said the NC, unlike the UML, did not want to join the Prachanda-led government, as Maoist leaders did not make credible promises to implement the peace pacts.

Maoist leader Top Bahadur Raymajhi said transformation was the desire of the people and the new government should transform the society at any rate. He said his party was in favour of replacing unequal treaties and initiate new measures to protect Nepal’s boundary. CPN-ML leader CP Mainali said his party was in favour of joining the government and retaining the Land Reform Ministry. He said the NC’s role would be constructive only when the coalition partner remained united and respected each other.

Sadbhawana Party leader Anil Kumar Jha said his party could join the new government, if the new alliance incorporated Madhesi agendas in the common minimum programme and wanted the party’s role.