Maoist-led govt, the bottom-line: Kiran

KATHMANDU: Senior vice-chairman of Unified CPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya 'Kiran' today said that mere correction of the President's move would not be sufficient to end the political impasse.

He said that formation of a joint national government under their leadership was added to his party's demand list now.

"We have been demanding correction of the President's move but now we cannot give in to agreement even if the move is corrected," he said, adding,

"This government should step down and national government should be formed under our leadership.

Speaking at a programme at the Reporters' Club here, he said that his party was, however, ready if the demands were fulfiled in a package.

He also informed that the meeting of his party's United National People's Movement would chalk out plan for further protest programme.

Baidhya also said that the objective of their stir was to bring the parties into consensus ensuring the drafting of the constitution, integration of the two armies and a logical conclusion to the peace process.

He, however, reiterated that there was no second option to politics of consensus at the moment. He also recalled that the Chinese leaders had also sought for consensus among parties.

"Speculations are rife that certain powers are preparing to impose either President's rule or state of emergency in the country. We need to unite to foil the attempt," he said.

According to him, other parties had no basis to lead the government and the peace process, but the Maoists.

Responding to a query he said that the Maoists were not the only party to be held accountable for the delay in passing the budget.

When asked about the reported accusations of Indian authorities that Naxalites in India have been receiving arms from Nepali Maoists, he dismissed saying it a mere rumour.

He, however, said that there were also rumours that India was supplying arms to Nepal, rather.