Maoist support needed for statute: Deuba

PARASI: Senior leader of the Nepali Congress Sher Bahadur Deuba today said that a new constitution can be formulated within the stipulated time frame if the Unified CPN (Maoist) extended their support.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Press Union Nawalparasi in Parasi, Deuba, said, "The constitution can be promulgated in the given time frame if the Maoists show their desire to do so.

Though the Maoists had agreed on integration of their combatants and dismantling of the party's paramilitary structure (Young Communist League) within six months after the Constituent Assembly election, they breached the pact and are not serious about drafting the constitution," Deuba added.

Meanwhile, Deuba admitted that the NC as a party was not united emotionally even after the unification of the two NC factions. Deuba is in the districts to call for unity among NC cadres.

Commenting on intra-party rifts, Deuba said that internal conflict of the party had to be resolved from within the party.

Notwithstanding the ideological differences with the Maoists, Deuba made it clear that there was no personal dispute with them. Deuba also participated at a meeting organised by the NC Nawalparasi in Parasi later.