Maoists ‘force’ students to rally

Itahari, November 9:

Maoists today allegedly forced school children to take part in the victory parade to celebrate the success of the peace talks.

Most participants of today’s rally were students with textbooks in their school bags, said teachers of the school. The children were shouting slogans with party flags in their hands.

Local intellectuals have denounced the move as unjust on the part of the Maoists, who have agreed to join mainstream politics.

A local teacher Jyoti Koirala said political parties should not involve in school politics, adding,“Students, too, should understand politics but their direct involvement should be discouraged.”

Forceful participation in political programmes is against the code of conduct and international laws said coordinator of the Civil and Human Rights District Monitoring Committee, Sunsari, Ram Koirala.

Maoists’ Itahari secretary Jagadish Sapkota, however, claimed nobody was forced to participate in the rally.

Meanwhile, Maoists organised a victory rally in Gaighat to mark the historic success of the peace talks. Students in significant numbers participated in the rally.